Welcome to the life of a busy bee

There are so many possibilities to this blog.  I haven’t figured out a clear path yet. So for now, I will go with the wind. Let’s see where it whirls me to. Considering I’m as light as a feather, the possibilities are indeed unending. So let’s set some boundaries, shall we?

For starters, I will be sharing some of my poems, articles, stories,  quotes, and recipes I’ve tried and any random thoughts that pop out of this quirky brain of mine. I will also share longer articles when I get carried away by the wind of endless words. Trust me! I can sit all day fantasizing about extraterrestrials, multi-universes, the afterlife and what not! In my sane moments, I ponder about religion, love, globe-trotting, money matters, food, living a fruitful life and everything about real life in general. For your sake, I’ll try not to go to the extreme. I can’t promise a thing though! But as a bonus, just to make this blog more dynamic and protect you from when I steer towards my bout moments of extreme fantasy, I will feature the works of other writers, once in a while for both our sakes. **Just kidding, you are safe** 

If you don’t mind, sail with me on this blog of a thousand possibilities.

Welcome to my blog!